Tuhami Vincent Crapanzano

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Vincent Crapanzano: Tuhami
Morocco in the late 1960’s, a world of spirits and a world of human is what one man reveals to us through his personal history. In the world of Islam, both humans and spirits have souls; there are good spirits and bad spirits that live like humans but are invisible to our eyes unless they cross over. Tuhami is an illiterate Moroccan tile maker who believes he is married to a camel-footed she-demon. Tuhami is a master of magic and an outstanding story-teller; he lives in a dank, windowless hovel near his work. Nightly he suffers visitations from the demons and saints who haunt his life and he searches for liberation from 'A'isha Qandisha, the she-demon from saints and the brotherhood, the Hamasha’s. In a... View More »

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As an anthropologist he tries to look at everything from outside the box, where he is putting himself in. This is an approach which is very different for an anthropologist, he is not just observing every little detail of his encounter’s life, but the effects that the relationship can have on how the encounter presents himself to Crapanzano compared to the locals in the area. According to Crapanzano, “He was able, in other words, not only to create the relationship he desired but to create me, for himself, as well” (p.14). He took advantage of his position as the story-teller and draws Crapanzano into his story with his humbleness and sympathetic ways. Tuhami’s stories of his recollections create an autobiographical truth from the fragments of Tuhami’s past through the central themes of relationships.
Throughout his interviews, Crapanzano starts to see the demand in Tuhami of desire to be accepted as the exception. Tuhami’s stories of relationships mostly consist of the people he works for or total strangers. He hardly talks about his family except the way his mother abandons him and the facts of his father, grandfather, and mother passing away. Tuhami’s excruciating sense of abandonment comes from the incident in his life where his mother marries another man after his father passes away. He was against the idea of his mother bringing another man into the house, “I was angry, I did not want her to marry. That is why her husband didn’t want me around” (p.40). His stepfather whom he never mentions by name was the man who took his mother away from him. He felt as if they ...

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