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Vincent Van Gough
By: Daniel Forrester

Vincent Van Gogh Vincent was born on March 30, 1853, in the village of Groot Zunbert in the Dutch province of North Brabant. At sixteen, he left school. Through the influence of Uncle Cent, a place was found for him in the office of Goupil and Cie at The Hague. Goupil's was a conservative house, specializing in well-made reproductions of famous paintings. When he was twenty Vincent was transferred, with a fine recommendation, to the London branch of Goupil's. He found a room in the home of Mrs. Loyer, who with her daughter Ursula. In 1875 Uncle Cent arranged for him to be transferred to the Paris office in the hope that his spirits might be revived by a change in scene. Here he became... View More »

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Van Gogh was soon to be the most intense colorist of his time. He sensed that color has meaning that transcends mere visual impressions. When Van Gogh arrived in Paris in 1886, he was eager to learn and ready to be stimulated by new experiences. In two years, he went through a complete change as a painter. Brightness and lightness flooded his work. He painted serene café interiors and breeze swept landscapes. The dark figures of laborers at work were replaced by close-ups of friends and of him at rest. Vincent worked hard to perfect his technical skill. In 1888, his production was torrential. Between his arrival in February and his hospitalization after his mental collapse in December, he made at least 90 drawings and 100 paintings. Vincent defended himself by referring to the speed of Claude Monet. From February 1888 to May 1889, he produced some 200 paintings, as well as many drawings. His work under the sun at Arles established him as a giant in art, but when it was over, he had only one year left to live. One of Vincent's best-known works, Sunflowers conveys the warmth of color Vincent found at Arles. He made many of these sunflowers studies as decorations for his rooms, and each radiates his passion for light, color and simplicity. In the south, Vincent was a lonely man. Many of his paintings, like the picture of his bedroom, reflect his wanting for companionship. The painting is relaxing, yet signs of his loneliness appear in the way he longingly paired every object: two pillows, two chairs. Even the pictures hang in pairs. When Vincent regained consciousness in the ...

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