Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality as of recent, while still extremely new, has become the

topic of many opposing viewpoints. It has caught the eye of the general public

for several reasons. Perhaps, this is mainly because of all the possibilities

which virtual reality creates. Note that the possibilities are not pre-

determined as either good or bad, mainly because there are many different

opinions to the future of this developing technology. However, despite the

controversy this new technology has aroused, society should not remain skeptical.

Virtual reality has the potential, if used correctly, to become a great

technological advancement that will aid society in many ways.

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Perhaps she also points out that in order for society to accept this new

technology they will have to accept it's risks as well.

In the government's perspective use of virtual reality it is easy to see

how this technology proves useful. Supposing that the United States got into a

war, by using virtual reality pilots instead of real pilots the number of

casualties would obviously be less. Pilots would fly their aircraft from a

remote location via video and audio equipment in the form of virtual reality.

As technology increases over the next several years it will become easier and

easier for the pilots to fly planes from a remote location.

However, despite all the lives this may save there is a down side. The

down side being that perhaps this will stimulate the government to react more

easily in a violent way. Without any loss of lives the only thing the government

has to lose by attacking are the cost of planes. Keeping this idea in mind, it

is very likely that the US will spend less time negotiating and more time

fighting. This is most definitely a negative side-affect of virtual reality

because it will weaken the relationship that the US has with other countries.

Integrating virtual reality with society is where the majority of problems

occur. It is clearly apparent that because this technology is so new society is

unsure how it will fit in. This is also a good example of why people's opinions

are so varied. Some people see virtual ...

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