Voodoo And Hoodoo

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Voodoo & Hoodoo

This religion and practice is found to be a frightening thing among most typical Americans, who know close to nothing about it. It is often placed under the category of magic, and considered to have practices that are ridiculous and absurd. The thing that scares people the most perhaps, is that voodoo and hoodoo spells can be placed upon anyone who is unfortunate enough to come across its path, even the non-believers. The book ‘Voodoo and Hoodoo’ by Jim Haskins explains the deep African religions and how voodoo and hoodoo came about, dating centuries ago along with the explanation of how voodoo works and the tricks and magic of medicine men and voodoo/hoodoo believers.
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The person that could change the fate of a person was called ‘The Divine Trickster’. Although this divine trickster could change the fate of an individual, this individual had to be a serious worshipper.
When individuals felt ill or unnatural, they would seek help from the medicine man. Medicine men were held on a pedestal in the African community, right next to the priest. Not just anyone could become a medicine man, there was years of training involved in becoming one, to learn how to make potions and healing remedies. Often, it was said that the duties between medicine men and priests were blurred. This meant that people, who were ill or needed a healing remedy such as a chant or taboo, went to priest to seek help and advice when in most cases the medicine man was much more qualified. The “African belief system was that for every good there was a corresponding evil, for every left there was a right and for every up, a down” (Haskins 37), possibly since there had to be a good and a bad the idea produced what was known as the sorcerer. The sorcerer was thought of as the “necessary evil”, and was as skilled at what he studied as the medicine man and just as smart. Instead of helping man, the sorcerers’ main purpose was to “attack the vitality of man by the casting of spells and by poisoning” (Haskins, 37).
The question of how voodoo and hoodoo exists in modern day society such as the United States and England is answered by slavery. Dating back centuries ago, hundreds to thousands of African men and women were gathered together and thrown on a ship by white men who ...

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