What Is Wicca And What Is The Effect Of The Spiritual Movement On Todays Society

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Wicca is believed by some to be a dark religion. People who do not understand the Wiccan faith have a tendency to assume Wiccan followers to be Satan worshipers.
An excerpt from the Witches Rede reads:
‘The dark and the light in succession, the opposites each unto each, shown forth as a God and a Goddess, of this our ancestors teach.’ Wiccans believe in a God and a Goddess and the gifts of nature to worship them.
Some Churches teach that Wiccans deal in black magic. This is a misconception as not all wiccans practice witchcraft.
Wiccan followers believe that God and Goddess are in every aspect of people, nature, and Earth; not just in heaven looking down at us.
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Having published dozens of books in his lifetime has brought thousands into a light of comfort and understanding of their friends and relatives involved in the pagan belief systems.
Scott Cunningham is recognized as one of the most influential writers within the pagan community. He began his Wiccan exploration in high school. He was shortly thereafter initiated into several eclectic covens. In 1978 he studied creative writing at San Diego University, within two years he had several books published and dropped out to write full-time. In 1983 Scott was diagnosed with lymphoma, in 1990 he was diagnosed with AIDS related cryptological meningitis. The infections finally took his last breath in 1993 at the very young age of 36.
To his credit are books such as:
1982 Magical herbalism the secret of the wise
1985 Cunningham's encyclopedia of magical herbs
1987 Cunningham's encyclopedia of crystal, metal, and gem magic
1988 Wicca, a guide for the solitary practitioner
1988 The truth about witchcraft today
1989 The complete book of incense oils and brews
1989 Magical aromatherapy the power of scent
These are but a few of his published works. One book, Wicca A guide for the solitary practitioner is featured in the film “Never say Macbeth” due for release on DVD by vanguard cinema in august of 2008.
With so many books to choose from on the subject of spirituality Americans have unbelievable wealth to choose from. The secrets have been revealed. Thus alleviating the fear of the unknown in the less mainstream belief systems opening the doorway to thousands who ...

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