Why Is Google Making This Move And What Do They Hope To Accomplish

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Research Google’s Attempt To Buy Into Wireless Via The 700 Mhz Spectrum Auction.
For Google, maintaining itself as a search leader as wireless Internet access grows is extremely important since this is
one area with extremely high growth prospects. The mobile phone is poised to become one of the most prevalent ways to
access the Internet, analysts say, raising the stakes for Google. That’s why the company is exploring ways to get its
services on all such devices and why it might undertake the risky but ambitious gambit of producing its own phone. For
Google to really go mobile, it needs changes in the existing marketplace, where phone companies operate systems... View More »

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Although these two chunks of spectrum have secured the most press,
three other pieces of bandwidth will also be available in more than 1,000 regional licenses. How does all of this fit

The FCC has produced a helfpul map of the available spectrum, which runs from 698-806MHz. In the image above, the yellow
sections have already been auctioned off, and the gray sections are reserved for the nationwide public safety broadband
network that will be constructed over the next few years. The remaining (white) A,B,C,D, and E blocks are what will be
offered at auction later this year.

The big action is in the C and D blocks. C covers two 11MHz chunks of spectrum that can be bid on together, making 22MHz
available for national commercial use. This is the prime spectrum that Verizon and others would like to get their hands on,
and it's also the bit that Google expressed interest in buying. Anyone who pays for the licenses to this block will need to
abide by the two open access conditions (open devices and open applications) laid down by the FCC.

The D block offers two 5MHz sections for a total of 10MHz, and it will be available nationwide. Whoever picks up this
section, though, must do so as part of the Public Safety/Private Partnership established by the FCC. This means that the
license holder will have to build out a nationwide wireless network that is good enough to meet public safety
specifications for coverage and redundancy. The licensee will get the two (gray) public safety porti ...

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