Why Nuclear Fusion Is So Cool

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For a fusion reaction to take place, the nuclei, which are positively
charged, must have enough kinetic energy to overcome their electrostatic
force of repulsion. This can occur either when one nucleus is
accelerated to high energies by an accelerating device, or when the
energies of both nuclei are raised by the application of very high
temperature. The latter method, referred to the application of
thermonuclear fusion, is the source of a lot of really cool energy.
Enough energy is produced in thermonuclear fusion to suck the paint of 1
city block of houses and give all of the residents permanent orange
Afros. The sun is a example of thermonuclear fusion in nature.
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The amount of
chemicals in the Mexican drinking water is sure to cause a violent
reaction with the platinum electrodes and produce lots of energy. I have
been doing this sort of things in my basement for years." When I told
him that though that NASA could power their shuttles with this sort of a
reaction, he nearly wet his pants. Now as usual, I received no credit
for MY discovery, but that is ok..I have grown used to it. I taught
Einstein, Newton, and Ron Popeel (inventor of things like the
pasto-matic, hair-in-a-can, and the pocket fisherman) everything they
know. Besides, the two shmucks didn?t even follow my instructions for
the experiment. However, until I reveal my secrets about cold fusion,
it will remain only a proposed theory. nuclear fusion is also what
powers the rest of the stars in the solar system. Stars carry out
fusion in a thermonuclear manner. Thermonuclear is a really cool word
which I am going to use several more times just because it is so cool.
In a thermonuclear reaction matter is forced to exist in only in a
plasma state, consisting of electrons, positive ions and very few
neutral atoms. Fusion reactions that occur within a plasma serve to
heat it further, because the portion of the reaction product is
transferred to the bulk of the plasma through collisions. In the
deuterium-tritium reaction the positively charged helium nucleus carries
3.5 MeV. The neutron escaped the plasma with little interaction and ,
in a reaction, could deposit its 14.1 MeV in a surrounding lithium
blanket. I have ...

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