Work Place Romances Should Employers Regulate Dating Between Employees

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Work Place Romances: Should Employers Regulate Dating Between Employees?

An on-going concern for employers within a wide variety of companies is workplace romance or romantic relationships amongst employees. Many companies do not have a written policy concerning this issue however it is usually more of an unstated fact, such as the term, “don’t dip your pen in the company ink.”
According to an article written by Ceridian, “The taboo of office romance: Should HR be concerned, whatever the reason, the stigma of office romance has faded over the last four years, according to the recent Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) 2006 Workplace Romance Survey.”
For example,
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Some are more limited and prohibit such relationships only between supervisory employees and subordinates within the chain of command. Others go as far as to prohibit fraternization among all employers, regardless of a management or non-management status.
The company in which I work was recently bought out in July of 2006. We do not have a policy to date for intimate or romantic relationships at work; however, we have been incorporating many of our parent company’s policies. Their policy as stated in their handbook explains, “Consenting “romantic” or sexual relationships between a supervisor/manager and an associate, or a Company associate and a vendor or client may at some point lead to unhappy complications and significant difficulties for all concerned. Such relationships therefore, may be contrary to the best interests of the Company. For this reason, the Company strongly discourages such relationships including any conduct (such as dating between a supervisor/manager and an associate) that is designed, or may reasonably be expected, to lead to the formation of a “romantic” or sexual relationship.
By discouraging romantic and sexual relationships, the Company does not intend to inhibit the social interaction (such as lunches or dinners or attendance at entertainment events) that are, or should be, an important part or extension of the working environment. The Company recognizes the ambiguity of, and the variety of meanings that can be given to, the term “romantic”. It is assumed, or at least hoped, however, that either or both of the parties to such as ...

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