Ain’t I A Teenager?

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Well, children, fellow teens and anyone else who happens to be here listening to me. Where there is much racket there must be something out of kilter. I believe that between parents always misjudging and grownups frequently misunderstanding the teenagers of this generation, they’ll be in a fix soon. But what’s all of this talking really about?
The older people always say that teenagers are irresponsible, that they shouldn’t be trusted with specific tasks. But I have a job. I work and make money just as they do. And ain’t I a teenager? I always make sure to complete my homework for school on time. And ain’t I a teenager? My mom usually has me buy my own things and pay for things with my own money. And ain’t I a teenager? At school, I used to be a student aid. Delivering passes and doing other jobs for the school to help it run smoothly. And ain’t I a teenager?
Then they talk about this action of a typical teen, what do they call it? Sleeping? That’s it. How does sleeping all day make teens lesser human than grownups? If I have to take a day off where I just sleep all day, then I should have the right to do so. As a teen in high school, I wake up early every day for school; I do gymnastics for a sport and work at a grocery store. Why should I feel guilty or lazy when I sleep all day when my very busy schedule and routine requires me to sleep so much?
Then the grownups claim that allrdor teenagers have a cell phone and or iphone, that all they do is text and send messages to each other all day. Where is my cell phone? Where is my cell phone? I don’t even have a cell phone let alone text all day. I am a teenager who has better things to do in his time.
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