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I would first like to analyze the box of Cheerios. This box of Original Cheerios is noted on the website as “A family favorite for years. It’s wholesome goodness is good for heart health, too.” ( This particular box of Cheerios features a small child reading a book. It is designed with vibrant, attention grabbing colors, and advertises a free book, with purchase. The box encourages consumers to continue to buy Cheerios and states “Collect all five,” referring to children’s books, with its design.
I feel the target audience that this box of Cheerios was geared towards would be parents of toddler age children, 9 months to 4 years. I feel this is accurate because the website also states that... View More »

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Wheaties markets itself as the fuel and breakfast of champions, made up of 100 percent whole grains, and containing B vitamins and fiber ( The target consumer of Wheaties would be an individual who is conscious of their health and nourishment. This speech topic would most likely capture that target audience’s attention.

The Froot Loops box has a colorful photo of a fun, cartoon, caricature of a toucan, with an energetic red background color. The font playfully uses the cereal “O’s” as part of word “Froot Loops.” The box also advertises a free Star wars action figure with two proofs of purchase.
I feel this box of cereal would be most appealing to parents of school age children, and the children themselves, ranging from ages 5 up to adolescence. I think the cartoon toucan is an attention getter for children, along with the free action figure advertisement. The bright colors of the box are very eye catching to a child aged audience. The parents may be drawn towards the “all natural fruit flavors” logo shown on the upper left corner of the box or the “10 essential vitamins and minerals” label at the top. According to their website “Froot Loops is a fun part of a complete breakfast, and is a good source of fiber,” ( This statement would be appealing to parents of children as it makes breakfast fun and also has nutritional values. This is also a gender neutral design. This product is reasonably priced most likely targeted toward the average middle class family.
A speech topic that comes to mind for an audience of parents of school ...

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