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Aboriginals lost their lands, became wards of the state relegate to marginal land on reserves and had their children taken away.. These undermined the role of the parents and took away self control and self-esteem, leading to alcohol abuse, inadequate housing and juvenile delinquency.

Even though the schools are to accept other cultures, the educators do promote the dominate group and their own culture. A child who grew up different than the represented group feels strange and left out. Aboriginal parents promote self sufficiency that may be viewed as uncaring by others. Early childhood educators can affirm the child’s culture through cultural stories, promoting other languages and using diverse teaching materials. Including families in these decisions can help the children and their families feel more comfortable.
Factors affecting the process of biculturalism include the amount of overlap or commonality between the two in norms, beliefs and perceptions; availability of translators;
amount and type of feedback; conceptual style; the indidvidual’s degree of bilingualism and dissimilarity in physical appearance from dominate culture.

Early childhood educators can be more culturally responsive by first examining their own skills, knowledge and attitudes and learning more about other cultures and accepting of the differences. Educators must acknowledge unequal power relationships and support the child parent-relationship These things can help children feel comfortable in both worlds. View More »

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