Boys Perform Less Well At School Than Girls

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Boys have for some time been significantly behind girl’s level of achievement in schools. The average gap in gender was at a 9.6% difference in 2006, with the smallest gender gap (5% or less) found in Maths and Science (DCSF, 2006).

Schools attempted to tackle the differences between boys and girls levels of attainment. In the 1970’s and 1980's the concerns for the welfare of learning were directed at girls; who had been falling short of boy’s attainment levels. Many factors appear to account for this lag in achievement – a major factor may have been the representation of girls in the media, in jobs at the time, and especially in textbooks used by the schools; where males were represented twice as much as... View More »

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In a study undertaken by Palardy, (1969: Cited in Clifton et al, 1986) the difference in teachers expectations between boy's and girl's was shown to have a significant effect on boy's and girl's reading abilities. He took one group of teachers who had faith in boy's reading skills – believing they were as able as girl's to succeed, and one group of teachers who believed the evidence available – that girl's are better readers than boy’s. In group one no significant differences were found in the reading scores – whereas in group two girls vastly outperformed the boys. This provides evidence that teachers do influence children's belief in their abilities. Although it could be said that group one simply had boys with a higher level of skill, there is much to be believed in expectations in oneself positively or negatively correlating with the expectations which someone else may hold of you.

Kelly (1986, cited in Gaines and George, 1999) found that male teachers often give girls less attention than female teachers and Darling and Glendinning (1996, cited in Gaines and George) found that male teachers tend to give boys more attention and praise for their schoolwork.
Male role models could be found to have a good impact on children at school; especially boys. If we look at the number of single parent families in England and Wales today we can see that the need for male role models could be a larger influence in the gender gap than originally realised. In the 2001 Census (Appendix One) it states that 9.6% of families are now lone parent families – and 90.5% of these are ...

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