Critical Analysis Of Poverty In The United States

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The standard view of poverty is different wherever you look. There are different standards as to what is considered poverty. So, how should the United States approach this issue of poverty? What factors can be considered to understand the issue of poverty? Robert Rector, who is a senior research fellow in domestic policy studies at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., believes that the perception of what is means to be poor in America is destitution. Destitution is poverty so extreme that one lacks the means to provide for oneself. He sees that poverty in America is not as poor as what we think it is. We see the images the press presents to us and what our politicians say about the issue. In reality, only a portion of the... View More »

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Typically, their diets consist of low nutrients and high in fat. According to Rector, he explains that the main health problem among people in poverty is the overconsumption of food, not the under-consumption. This is a casual oversimplification fallacy because each person who is in poverty experiences it differently. He continues that poor adults would experience overweight and obesity. Even though obesity is a problem throughout the general population of the U.S., saying it’s more evident in poverty is a hasty generalization.

On the other hand, Tony Pugh believes that majority of America live in deep poverty and that poverty has increased rapidly throughout the years. Pugh defines people in severe poverty who make an annual income less than the federal poverty line. He cites the McClatchy Newspaper analysis of the percentage of the poor Americans who are living in severe poverty. He also refers to individuals who are poverty and how their lives are being in poverty instead of using statistics, but this only gives certain insight to people who live in poverty. Pugh explains that it depends on the location where people in poverty live. It’s most prominent it in southern states near the Mexican border and work as hard to find as industries disappear. Again, he discusses someone’s experience in poverty and how nothing is being done to fix his or her problem. They’re falling deeper into severe poverty that their children are being taken away by social workers until the parents can change their housing situation. Some of the children are also facing mental disorders. ...

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