Gender Contender: What Role Do We Play?

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Everyone has their good professors, and everyone has had their absolutely terrible professors. Well, I had one of the most sexist professors on the face of the earth. During my freshman year of college, I attempted to become a computer engineer at the South Dakota School of Mines. I was required to take a computer programming class. Upon the first day of class, I noticed that the male professor was slightly overweight. It must have been hard for him to walk the ten feet from his adjacent office. He entered the classroom, sweating like a whore in church. It took him twice as long as the average professor would take to read a syllabus. He would gasp for air after each sentence, wipe the sweat off of his forehead and flirt with the young... View More »

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That would explain why boys like videogames more than girls. Video games require that the player take linear, logical, and step-by-step approaches to winning a game. Women’s emotions often allow them to work very well with children, patients, or customers. But men and women should not be judged by how their brains work biologically. My opponent has committed a non sequitur. It does not follow that men in the higher paying leadership positions are smarter than women. Women are smart too. No sex is born with some mandate from heaven saying they are smarter. Women are just as capable of doing everything that men can, but they have been placed underneath a glass ceiling since childhood. In her publication Myths of Gender: Biological Theories about Women and Men, Anne Fausto-Sterling States, “In elementary school, boys and girls do equally well in math, but in high school, girls take fewer math courses and often do less well than do boys on standardized math tests” (7). One cannot label a person as unintelligent based solely on his or her career, or the classes he or she takes. Some people simply choose not to take a hard math class or become an engineer. The girls proved themselves to be just as smart as the boys in elementary school math. In his article “A War Against Boys?” Michael Kimmel says

Girls are more likely to undervalue their abilities, especially in the more traditionally ‘masculine’ educational arenas such as math and science…. Boys, however, possessed of this false voice of bravado…. [Boys] are likely to overvalue their abilities, to remain in programs though ...

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