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A future benefit of human genetic engineering is that a fetus with a genetic disorder will be treated before the baby is born. Parents will be able to look forward to a healthy baby, and in cases of in-vitro fertilization, gene therapy can be used for embryos before they are implanted into the mother. There are also certain social aspects to human genetic engineering, mainly because it can impose a heavy financial burden on the society. It can work miracles, but its benefits and threats need to be assessed carefully. The potential advantages of the field can come into reality only if the genetic engineering of humans is handled with responsibility. [4]
The Christian view of human cloning can be examined in the light of several Scriptural principles. First, human beings are created in the image of God, and, therefore, are unique. Genesis 1:26-27 asserts that man is created in God’s image and likeness and is unique among all creations. Clearly, that is something to be valued and not treated like a commodity to sell or trade. The fact that you could change the hair color or eye color of your newborn-to-be entirely goes against the bible and what God has intended for us. Christians believe that God intended for all of us to be unique in our own special way, and by decoding the information contained in our cells using genetic engineering, it’s like taking an eraser to what God has written down for us as individuals and re-writing the story ourselves. By doing this we are essentially playing God, and most people, especially Christians, Catholics, and Evangelicals, are not okay with that. The bible is completely against cloning, because in order to clone someone or something, multiple embryos must be killed. As mentioned before, just the sound of the words View More »

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