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It is however part of his boastful, bombastic pretence at bravery and is full of alliteration and ridiculous theatrical phrases, for current example;
‘O braggart vile and damned furious wight. The grave doth gape, and doting death is near,’ (III.1.61-2).

In speeches like this Shakespeare was possibly mocking the style used by some other playwrights.

In the chorus and in a number of of Henry’s speeches there are elements of rhetoric, repetition of words and phrases, the building up of list or questions and the balancing of phrases, for example;
‘We few, we happy few, we band of brothers’ (IV.3.60).
‘…Show men dutiful?
Why, so didst thou. Seem they grave and learned?
Why, so didst thou. Came they of noble family?
Why, so didst thou. Seem they religious?
Why, so didst thou’ (II.2.127-31).

‘Like little body with a might heart,’ (II.0.17).

The play has quite a few long speeches. This is to be expected in such a patriotic and rousing story where the audience are treated to complex and persuasive arguments.

In Act I the church leaders present the audience necessary background information. The country has gone through a period of crisis, a
‘scambling and unquiet time’ (I.1.4).
The church is threatened with severe taxation and the bishops are looking for a way out. We hear about Henry’s reformed character and his proposed war on France. All of this prepares the audience for the first scene with Henry and gives the audience an insider’s view of the bishops’ suggestion to the King.

The language in the first scene is elevated and full of masterly images, particularly when referring back to Henry and his transformation from a dissolute youth. His present body is described as
‘A paradise/ T’envelop and contain celestial spirits’ (I.1.30-1)
and his conversation is full of
‘sweet and honeyed sentences’ (I.1.50).

A number of frequent images and words are used in the play. We find words to with quick movement and fl View More »

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