Jack Flemming - Dear Fitzpatrick Family

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Dear Fitzpatrick Family:

It is I, Jack Flemming, son of John Flemming. I write this letter to you because you’re family and I want to inform you of America, also to tell you how I’m doing. Since I have emigrated from Ireland five years ago I have experienced many ups and downs, mainly downs. Basically everything starts off great, and then eventually turns dreadful.

I would have never expected to experience what I did when I first arrived in Chicago. Like how knowing little English can help a lot but also get me scammed. The city was so huge and there were people everywhere. I noticed that Chicago isn’t as green as Ireland, I had trouble finding trees let alone grass. The first thing on my mind was to find a job and I heard about... View More »

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I fear for my children for half the time they have to beg for food and money. We are barely getting by.

Overall, I’m doing well but not really. I hoped that I have enlightened you so you know ahead of what to expect if you decide to move to America. Maybe try a different city other than Chicago. That’s what’s new with me, much love and till next time.

Love Jack Flemming

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