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After being an employee of Baker Funeral Homes, Inc. for five years, and talks with my employer, I have decided to purchase the business from my employer on contract. Here are the basic ideals I will use to establish my business plan.


• Purchase an existing funeral home that is well-established within the community
• Continue yearly growth of the funeral home and community involvement
• Demonstrate the means by which these goals are to be attained
• Form an alliance with Net companies

Mission Statement

As a locally-owned funeral home, our mission is to respectfully celebrate the lives of our communities loved ones, assist the bereaved with the grieving process by providing guidance and support, along with,... View More »

Body Sample...

• The birth rate of Tippecanoe County (Lafayette, IN) is 2012, with 171 of those being born to teens. The death rate is 983.

Because of the diversity of Lafayette, we are forced to offer a broad range of prices, a broad range of products and work at prearrangements to lock in future business.

Products and Services


A wide selection of caskets is available that meet emotional, as well as, financial needs.

• Bronze and Copper
• Stainless Steel
• Carbon Steel
• Wood


Urns can be buried in a plot, placed in a niche or kept in the home. There are a range of choices that help meet the needs and wishes of most. Customization is available, which includes engraved names, dates, text, image designs, verses, appliqués and medallions.
Miscellaneous Items

There are miscellaneous items available for the funeral ceremony. Some of these items are outer burial containers, burial clothing, memorial folders/candles, prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, register books and religious mementos.


Services offered by this funeral home will include everything from direct cremation and direct burial to full service burials. Along with these basic services that most funeral homes offer, we want to go the next step and offer more things to make the funeral more personal and special for each family that comes through our home. Whether this is just doing the simple things that most families request, or trying to fulfill those special and odd requests, we want to make our families satisfied and happy with their services to bring in repeat ...

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