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There is no voice more comforting than Mama’s. In the womb we are suspended in safe warmth, hearing every noise that Mama makes. And we don’t just hear her voice. We feel its vibrations, its muffled hum, through our ears and our entire forming bodies. It’s no wonder that that is often the only voice that can comfort us in the distress of our new little lives. Yet, what of the mother who cannot speak? Can she still comfort her baby? Yes, because it is much more than vocal chords that connect a baby with its birth mother. After all, Baby eats all that Mama eats, breathes Mama’s air, knows Mama’s way of moving and laughing…Baby feels every surge of adrenaline that Mama feels. Bonds don’t get more intimate than that.... View More »

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(15)” She goes on to say that “not accidentally, the words mother and matter have the same etymological root. (16)” Scott Russell Sanders explains this connection a bit more in depth saying, “Women are more likely to recognize their bonds with the rest of life and with the earth, if only because they experience the cycles of wildness in their own bodies every month, and because many of them bear and care for children. (51)” Yet, despite these recognized links between femininity and nature we, as a culture, seem to exclude any such language from our conversation.

Ecofeminist, Marti Kheel, speaks of re-implementing the idea of Earth as mother, saying, “Many ecofeminists, inspired by the premodern conceptions of Gaia or Mother Earth, have consciously sought to reclaim these images. For most ecofeminists…this attempt to revive the image of Gaia is grounded…in a feeling of spiritual connection with the natural world. A female image of the earth simply seems to have resonance for many ecofeminists as a contrast to the patriarchal notion of a male sky god. (251)” Yet, this way of thinking is not merely limited to American ecofeminism. Russians have always thought of Earth in this way. In Essential Russian Mythology, Pyotr Simonov writes, “Eschewing an exclusive devotion to celestial forces, they [Russians] concentrated a significant part of their spiritual dedication to the earth, to her power and sanctity, and to the mysteries that the earth sustains…Earth for the Russians is a mother: a moist, deep, dark, secret womb, the wellspring of all fecundity, the sustaining breast ...

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