Organizational Behaviors And Leadership Theories In The Film Nanny Mcphee

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Organization Behavior in Health Care HS 408


Nanny McPhee is a children’s movie in which the Brown family is totally disorganized. Nanny Mcphee uses her own magic in getting this group organized. In the movie we see interpersonal conflicts and the children using group thinking. I will show how the movie shows attitudes and perceptions, motivation, levels of power and influence. We see how individuals react to stress. Nanny McPhee changes the whole family dynamic with an authoritarian style of leadership. In this paper will explain leadership theories as well as other organizational behaviors.

I chose to evaluate the movie Nanny McPhee. It is a story of a widowed father with seven children. Typically with several... View More »

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Group think involves making decision because the members want to get along rather than to evaluate a situation realistically. The Brown children meet this description with Simon acting as the leader and the other children agreeing with whatever he says.

Attitudes and perceptions.
Nanny McPhee enters the story in a magical way. Mr. Brown first learns of her from an unknown person speaking to him through a mail slot saying, “The person you need is Nanny McPhee”. He later sees an add that read, the person you need is Nanny McPhee. But he hasn’t a clue as to how to get in touch with her. (Doran & Jones, 2006) That night as the children are exhibiting a bit of Pygmalion effect in the kitchen, Nanny McPhee mysteriously appears at the front door. The Pygmalion effect can be describes as a person’s behaving in a manner that another person expects them too, whether that expectation is accurate or not. In the movie, the cook didn’t want the children anywhere near the kitchen because she knew they were destructive and unbearable. She received a contract that stated the children were not ever to be allowed in the kitchen. She kept the contract on her person and would tell anyone that she has it in writing. Of course the children lived up to her expectations and invaded her kitchen and were in the middle of destroying it and trying to blow the cook up when Nanny McPhee enters the kitchen.
The children used stereotyping when they decided all stepmothers were like the wicked step mothers in the fairy tales. (Doran & Jones, 2006) Stereotyping is the perception of traits ...

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