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AO3; Barriers

Article 1: The Strands of Literacy (Nutbrown, 2015)
This article gives insight on different ways as to how parents are able to help and support their children with their reading and writing skills. Cathy explores different points as to how it can help with a child’s development in reading and writing, such as Environmental print, books, early writing and oral language.

What barriers may arise?

Article 2: Curricular Guidance for Pre-School Education (Ireland, 2015)

The document highlights the curricular guidance given to children which would enable them to develop their learning. It outlines a range of learning opportunities that the children are exposed to in order to develop and broaden... View More »

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With the staff also listening to the children and using a range of open ended questions this allows children to be able to think more and give appropriate responses to the questions which allows for a boost of confidence. Staff could also help with a child's communication by regularly introducing new vocabulary and encouraging the children to extend their phrases and the sentences.

However for some children it may be easier than others to be able to pick up the new vocabulary and be able to apply it in conversations. As there are children from many different cultures and backgrounds in a nursery, there may be a child who could have possibly just recently moved to the country and may struggle with being able to pick up the language. For instance there could be a child who is about to start nursery, but English may not be their first language, this would make it very difficult for the staff or other children to be able to effectively communicate in a way where both parties understand each other. This would lead to a culture and language barrier as the child’s customs differ to that of the other children. As a result of the language barrier it would make it very difficult for the child to be able to express their needs and feelings to staff and because of this huge communication barrier it would mean the child would not receive the same amount of care as that of the other children.
Or perhaps there could be a child who may suffer from various learning disabilities such as a speech impediment which would cause barriers between the child and staff or other children when ...

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