Should Gays And Lesbians Be Allowed To Adopt Children?

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One of the many controversial topics of our time would Gay and lesbian adoptions. Should Gays and Lesbians be allowed to adopt children? That question has many people in our society shaken by the realization of gay and Lesbian parenthood. People have many questions and concerns of the children's outcome and home environment whether they'd be raised right with good emotional foundations. After all as they'd grow up they would notice that their own family is different from others.

"The ideal in society is to raise children with a man and a woman," I believe this can be proven incorrect. The gay and lesbian couples that adopt can probably offer as much love to a child as the heterosexual couples who have them just for the simple fact... View More »

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In the 1970's more and more gay parents started admitting their sexual preference, most lost custody of their children. The biggest issue in the 1970's was lesbian and gay parent custody, from heterosexual divorces. In 1976 there were about three hundred thousand to four hundred thousand lesbian and gay parents, none of them where their child's legal parent. In 1977 Donna Hitchens created the lesbian rights project which was the first organization that focused on gay and lesbian parents.

In the 1980's, the lesbian and gays were becoming parents. But still more than half of the states in the USA did not allow gay and lesbian to be considered couples. In 1988 an anti-gay organization made a large to ban all gay and lesbians from being considered as adoptive and or foster parents. They did this all over the country and there were many people in supporting this cause.
In the 1990's, there were many ups and downs for the lesbian community. There were many laws in many states that either prohibited gay adoption or supported. Many people began to pass laws prohibiting gay adoption, for example there were laws in New Hampshire that prohibited gay and lesbian adoptions that were changed in order to give them the right to adopt in that state.
In the 2000th century the laws have not changed in most states. One of the most controversial states that won't allow gay and lesbian adoption is Florida. Many states are still fighting for the rights to let gay and lesbian couples adopt but there are still those people who oppose and would do anything to see them fail. Groups like ...

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