Socioeconomic Oppression In The Glass Castle

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Not everyone can rise from the ashes of poverty as we see Jeanette Walls do in The Glass Castle, but she beat the odds and overcame the socioeconomic oppression she faced in her youth. Jeanette faces socioeconomic oppression throughout The Glass Castle because of her parents inability to manage the families finances, which led to them being low on the “hierarchy” of poverty where the Walls family lived.
Hierarchies are everywhere, in sports, Girl Scouts, work places, even high school! And West Virginia is no exception. No one was rich in Welch, but everyone seemed to be richer than the Walls family. She even makes it a point to say, “The better off folk of Welch had not exactly flocked to our part of town… and although we were the... View More »

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In rural West Virginia, people didn’t leave after they graduated. College, travel, and careers aren’t a thing. People grew up poor, stayed poor and died poor. “to leave Welch, would have been incredibly disloyal, like deserting your family… grown-ups in Welch talked about how senior year was the highlight of their lives.” (Walls narration, 263) Not many people broke this cycle of poverty. Also, the citizens of Welch felt almost personally attacked when people tried to get out. Like how the the school guidance counselor reacted to Jeanette telling her about potentially applying to college in New York. This made it difficult for Lori and Jeanette to leave without being judged and hated on by people. They would also have to carry with them the guilt from leaving the rest of the family behind.

To conclude, Jeanette Walls overcame a lot of obstacles to get where she is now. The biggest obstacle she faced was the socioeconomic oppression she dealt with during her childhood, and she has to deal with it because her parents were unable to properly manage the money, which in turn, put them at the bottom of the social hierarchy and there was a cycle of poverty that contributed to the socioeconomic oppression of her childhood. ...

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