Staying Out Of Misery In Missouri

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(Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Division of Career Education. 2008) It seems that while dealing with youth, teachers and those adults in the school setting would have much contact with possibly suicidal youth and would be able to recognize some of the signs. Unfortunately, only four counselors in the state have this training, they are available to schools on a limited basis.

For families in crisis, such as single mom and baby who were featured in the article from the American Public Welfare Association there are many resources available in Missouri. The Missouri Department of Social Services offers programs through Family-Centered Services. These services are provided to families and children when a “child abuse or neglect investigation or family assessment response finds that there is a preponderance of evidence or unsubstantiated-preventive services indicated or services needed.” (Missouri Department of Social Services 2008) There is a range of treatment including day care, family counseling, evaluation or diagnosis, homemaker services and respite care. Families can access these programs through referral following evaluation or through voluntary requisition. (Missouri Department of Social Services. 2008)

Missouri also offers intensive in-home services where crisis intervention is done within the home, as an alternative to “staying, safely together”, rather than fostering out children. (Missouri Department of Social Services. 2008) In home services include counseling, parenting education, child development training, household maintenance education, nutritional training, job readiness training and other community services.

One of the reasons the Missouri community is helping people in need of human services is that many of their programs are accessible, through referral, as well as through outreach from different agencies. The Missouri Department of Soc View More »

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