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But also when Mr. Meadowes get arrested, it is a machine, I think the writer wants focus on the missing human touch in this world. We only see each other as objects, we do not see the person inside, and we almost act like machines.
Parents drop their kids in the kindergarten and pick them up again when they are almost grown up. They really don’t see their kids. The kids play computer games and do not join “the real game”. We have lost the human interactive already today, the year 2007.

The story is also about surveillance vs. personal freedom. What is freedom, and where are the limits? In 2023 adults may not be in contact with the students. There are limits for so many things, but for whose sake?

(a) In the question surveillance (safety) against personal freedom, I would without a doubt chose personal freedom. I do not want unknowns to sit and watch my personal life, just to be sure that I wont go and make terror. I have tried several times that someone was watching me, and I did not like it. It is already a problem that people care too much about what other people think about them, and then imagine that we were observed all the time. Luckily it is illegal to film people with supervision camera in public places here in Denmark. But in London they have over 1000 hidden cameras. I’m glad I do not live there, it gives me associations to the Soviet Union. I want to see the person who sees me. I haven’t read any texts with the same theme, and I have neither seen Big Brother.
I don not wont anyone to pry in my private life. And I’m not interested in seeing other people pick one’s nose. We are not children who need to be looked after. We should live in our own society, not on some others scene, were they put the rules. So I think we should just let people do what they want as long as it do not ha View More »

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