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In Peter Singers article in New York Times Magazine he proposes a solution to world poverty. While he is just proposing a solution to a problem that has flustered this world we love so much, it in fact cannot be a savior to world poverty. Singer is not an economist or anything of that sort. Singer has a utilitarian mind set about how things might look bad to some people but he sees them for how they are and does not judge. Singer has great intentions with his solution, but the solution is probably inevitable. As long as there are people on this planet there will always be someone hungry and needing something. I’ve taken some quotes from his article for my argument against... View More »

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The New York Times magazine states that Americas unemployment rate as of modern times at a high rate. How could Singer actually propose this idea of donating money to other kids or services, when a lot of Americans cannot even take care of their selves or their families? In another study from that article it stated that a little less than half of America’s population gets Government benefits such as food stamps, families first, stimulus’s on our income tax, and welfare checks. People needing this assistance obviously cannot afford to donate money to these needy children. If those children are needy, then wouldn’t our children also be considered needy too.
As like Singer, there is an example story that I have thought up, based on true events, about a needy family that consists of three members. The father’s name is Bill. Bill, his girlfriend, and their five month old son live in an apartment complex. The apartment complex is based on their income which is called federal housing. Federal housing only accepts applicants that do not make enough money to rent a general public residence. For every person on the application they have to provide income information. The only person with income on the application is Bill. Bill has a full-time job at Hardees restaurant. Bill averages roughly six hundred and twenty dollars a month. He makes minimum wage. Bill puts how much money he earns a month on his application, yet his rent is three hundred and seventy dollars a month. Not to include the families other bills, such as utilities. The families light bill is roughly one hundred and ...

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