Why The Young Need Nature

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Why the Young (and the Rest of Us) Need Nature
-- A Review of Richard Louv’s “Last Child in the Wood” Chapter 4-8

If we randomly get hold of a child and ask if he or she likes to play indoors or outdoors, in nine cases out of ten a direct response of today’s “wired generation” will be like the following, which seems quite obvious. “Oh, I like to play indoors better because that’s where all the electrical outlets are.”

Children born after 1980 seldom hear the words “Go and play outside.” With few exceptions, they are an excessively constrained and quarantined generation living an over sheltered life with little or almost no direct experience of the natural world. Urban growth and suburban expansion have swallowed up... View More »

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He looks at urban planning concepts that incorporate natural corridors for wildlife, energy-self-sufficient urban malls that merge nature into their design, city rooftop gardens, and green public spaces. I was also strongly convinced that such early nature experiences are essential if we are to produce tomorrow’s creative thinkers and change agents.
Nature can be appreciated wherever you are – from an urban flower garden to a rural backyard. Observe the natural world around you and draw the children's attention to the miracles and wonders of our nature. Appreciate a morning glory’s struggle to wind around a bamboo pole. Show children the differences between various tree leaves, gather them and carry them home. Explain that wildflowers must be allowed to go to seed so that more can grow next year; if the flower is picked it is unable to continue through its life cycle. Watch the animals and insects wake up. Observe a sparrow’s nest under construction. A grown-up’s own sense of wonder, more than his or her scientific knowledge, will inspire and sustain a child's love of nature. A grown-up person’s sense of awe will be contagious to the children. Why don’t we explore and learn about nature together with our children. Focus on "experiencing" rather than "teaching." Take your lead from the children after you have provided the opportunity for them to interact with the natural world. Anita Olds, a writer of stories for children, puts that “There's no way that we can help children to learn to love and preserve this planet, if we don't give them direct experiences with the ...

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