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The financial services industry consists of investment banks, insurance companies, brokers/dealers, asset managers, venture capital firms, and commercial banks. We will be focusing on the credit card segment for this discussion. The credit card industry in the United States began just prior to World War I. It was Western Union who began to provide a deferred payment service to its most credit worthy customers. Over the next several decades, department stores and other retailers began to provide credit accounts as well to many of their customers. The popularity of these revolving credit accounts grew and retailers began to use imprinted cards to help streamline the transaction process and identify customers. As customers used these cards,... View More »

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Among the mergers was the one between J.P Morgan and Chase Manhattan. CCS had benefited from the trend toward consolidation in the financial services industry during the 1990s. It had become one of the few remaining large issuers in the credit card segment as a result of bank mergers. The combination of these mergers and the resultant combinations of the credit card portfolios helped CCS grow more than any of the individual firms had been able to do through internal growth or customer acquisitions. CCS was in a unique position in the market. It had grown into a large player by the combination of portfolios and several large bank mergers, now it needed to find a way to grow internally.
Strategic Issues

1. How to defend CCS’s current market share?
With the perception that credit cards have become a commodity coupled with the low switching costs, it has become harder to develop a loyal customer base. What has also contributed to the problem is the fact that CCS has been lost behind the Visa and MasterCard logo. Unlike Discover and American Express, who chose to develop their own networks, CCS decided to associate with Visa and MasterCard because they controlled the majority of the credit card market.
2. Are there opportunities for growth within US market? Internationally?
While the US credit card market has been saturated for several years, there are still opportunities to grow by introducing new products and finding profitable underserved segments. There are also growth opportunities in the international market. However, in 2000 the corporation made the strategic ...

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