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• Strong financial backbone to venture into a new market with the introduction of credit cards.
• Saw the opportunities available as credit cards as a new method of payments for goods and took advantage of it.


• Annual transaction value per card is low to NatWest.*
• Barclaycard as a credit card issuer was not international, limited to the UK.*
• New credit card issues are susceptible to increased bad debt in the Barclays Bank.
• As a new type of payment method Barclaycard must convince critics that uses of such a card is reliable and not susceptible to fraud.


• Spending on credit and debit cards amounted to 43% of total retail sales*
• Only 54% of UK adults owned credit cards, allowing for increased market penetration*
• Technological developments and new products would improve security and flexibility of payment by plastic systems*
• Company branded cards and store cards provided access to a base of new users and the opportunity to develop loyalty based tie.*
• Short term macroeconomic situation in the UK was positive: real income increasing, low inflation, and strong economic growth.*
• Convincing consumers to use credit cards at more retail locations including those where they have not traditionally used other methods of payments e.g. checks
• Allowing consumers to use the ATM when they need a short-term loan.


• New entrants such as industrializing societies offering similar products.*
• Low annual percentage rate cards being offered by new entrants.*
• Cannibalization of the credit card market by debit cards and electronic purse (smart) cards.*
• Increased availability of other forms of credit.*
• Increased opportunities for potential credit card fraud.*
• Reliance on electronic communications, effect of View More »

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