The Big Cheese Of Mousetraps

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1)2 ' 100(1.21) ' $121

©, 1997
Alex Tajirian

Time Value of Money


In general for a single CF, FVn ' CF (1% i)n ' CF [FVIFi, n] where, i


re-investment rate, return on investment, cost of borrowing, opportunity cost, compounding rate, interest rate

n (1+i)n

/ number of periods in the future / FVIFi, n / FV of interest Factor / compounding factor


How to calculate FVIF? ! ! Use calculator use table For i ' 10%, n ' 2, Y FVIF10, 2 ' 1.2100


Is (1+i)n >, = , or < 1 ?

©, 1997
Alex Tajirian

Time Value of Money


FV of $1

i > 10% i = 10% $1 i=0%

# of periods

Notes: (a) If interest rate "i" = 0, then FV of a CF is constant irrespective of how far in the future you would be receiving it. sThe horizontal line above represents this. Given "i", the greater the "n", # of periods in the future, the greater the FV. Thus, FV and "n" are positively related. Given "n", the higher the "i" the higher the FV. Thus, FV and "i" are positively related. i.e., they move in the same direction.
©, 1997
Alex Tajirian



Time Value of Money




You are promised $100 one year from today What is value of $100 today?; PV=? ! ! It better be < 100; time value of money from (2) FV1 = CF0 (1 + i) Y CF0 ' FV1 (1 % i) (3)

but CF0 = PV (value today) and FV1 = CF1 in future substitute in (3),

Y PV '

CF1 1% i


100 100 ' < 100 1% .1 1.1

' 1& period discounted CF where, i = discount rate

©, 1997
Alex Tajirian

Time Value of Money



You are promised $100 two years from today. PV = ? FV2 ' CF0(1% i)2 ' PV(1% i)2 Y PV ' FV2 (1% i)2 ' CF2 (1% i)2 ' 100 (1.1)2 < 100 < 100 1.1


In general for a single CF, PV ' CFn (1 % i) n ' CF n 1 (1 % i)n ' CF n [ PVIFi,n ]

where, i PVIFi, n
/ discount rate / PV of Interest Factor which depends on i, n.

discount factor


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