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On my sixteenth birthday a few years ago, my parents decided to take me out to eat at a family restaurant for a present. I have been to this place before so I had an idea about what to expect. We decided to go for dinner so the place was slow and quiet. I cannot remember what I ordered exactly but I do recall the onion rings, particularly because they were unpleasant. They were undercooked, cold, soggy and just plain disgusting. The rest of the food was fine it was the onion rings that made me gag. I wanted to bring it up to the server but my mother said no, so I did not. Since it was my birthday, I got that typical birthday song, the one that is performed by the entire staff, it goes a little like “Happy happy birthday, todays your... View More »

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Now the menu offers many selections of Homestyle meals from breakfast to dinner and everything in between and the servers are good at taking special requests with any order. After you order the food, it only takes 10 minutes or less for them to make it and deliver it to your table, which is nice and quick. The food’s appearance is nothing fancy but it tastes good which makes it coincide with its price, not too expensive and not too gourmet. Most of the customers are families, elderly folk, and parties, which in general does not create a distracting atmosphere to other people. Overall, a quiet restaurant with the exception to rushes and parties, but it is nothing to overbearing. People respect each other and leave good tips, creating a great relationship between the customers and workers.

Next the food quality and prices. As I said earlier, Colonial Café features breakfast, lunch, dinner and ice cream. They also offer catering and a beverage menu. For the breakfast menu, it ranges from omelets to pancakes and eggs to French toast. I would recommend getting the pancake 2+2 for $8.49 since their pancakes are delicious and you get your money’s worth. For the lunch and dinner menus have meatloaf, chicken, mac and cheese, cheeseburgers, to name a few meals. I often eat the crispy chicken tenders for $9.99, they are juicy and mouth watering plus they come with sides of French fries or onion rings. Finally, the ice cream menu has a variety of options from sundaes to cones like the PBF Chipper, shakes and Turtle Sundaes. They are most known for their famous Kitchen Sink that ...

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