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Communication is the process of conveying information between two or more people (Maxim and Bryan 1995). It is impossible to care for someone without exchanging facts or opinions. Whatever path in health care setting you may eventually take, you will very quickly have to demonstrate that you can communicate with patients/service users, relatives and other health-care professionals. Communication and interpersonal skills are separate concepts. Individuals cannot communicate without using (good or bad) interpersonal skills. The use of good interpersonal skills is an ability that people, including health-care staff, need to learn. It could be suggested that carers are experts in communication and interpersonal skills because, without them,... View More »

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1999). This section considers how non-verbal communication is used as a tool in interactions with patients/service users, how active listening skills can be developed and finally how touch and personality can affect communication with patients/service users.
Example is when I asked the service user if she wanted to have a cup of tea, she do head nodding, a smile and eye contact. Through that facial expression,gesture and directly looking at my eyes with a meaning I can identify that she’s would love to be serve then a cup of tea.

Verbal interactions with problem

One of the most important things to remember when about the verbal communication skills, is that our voice coomunicates a lot more about us than the actual words we use. Many factors related to the particular situation can also affect how the message is transferred from the receiver to the giver (Porritt 1990). These include the attitudes of both people – the sender and the receiver – and their experiences in coming to the situation, the expectations of both sender and receiver about the other person, and what they thought the outcome of the communication would be. Importantly, both parties may have a hidden agenda within the message.
Example of this phenomenon is a service user stays at her room for a long period of time and when i get inside ive seen that shes restless, and ask her “ would you like to have some breakfast? And she screamly answered me “ NO! I don’t want to eat! you go out in my room. And I replied to the service user that I WILL COME BACK LATER OK.Through our communication of questioning ...

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