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In this paper, a proposal to amend the Affordable Care Act, Title IV, Subtitle B, Section 4101 was made. The amendment proposed is to allow the grant given to people and facilities to use that grant for health purposes rather than to have it focus solely on making the facility itself impressive looking, because it does not matter whether a facility looks good if the care it provides is horrible. The first topic mentioned is to allow and expand the Affordable Care Act to include the school-based system and allow these schools’ medical fields (i.e. nurse’s office) to provide better care. Then, the attention of the budget is mentioned. The attention of the budget and grants should be shifted so that it may be used for children and students... View More »

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Amanda Vinicky (2015) says that because of a “lack of budge funding” public health services in Illinois have been cut. Keeton and colleagues (2013) say that “the Affordable Care Act will profoundly affect the health care access and outcomes of children and youth, particularly in vulnerable populations.” For reasons such as these we would like to change the Affordable Care Act: Title IV: Subtitle B: Section 4101: Subsection (4): Lines 15-20 to say “… under this subsection for expenditures for facilities (including the acquisition or improvement of land, or the acquisition, construction, expansion, replacement, or other improvement of any building or other facility), equipment, or similar expenditures, as well as for those in need of help (patients, students, and staff of the facilities)” and then remove lines 20-23.
This section focuses on the wellness of health centers that were in or near a school. So it is mainly for students, but it also covers people who reside near these establishments. This act seems to be very helpful particularly for the elderly and students who are not able to cover high quality insurance. They are also hoping to prevent illnesses altogether by controlling illnesses from reaching an epidemic in the community. It all seems to be very helpful except for the fact that it only really affects schools or cities with larger populations. So the towns without a high capita rate do not receive any assistances from this part of the Affordable Care Act. According to, it states that, “although the ACA provided 30 million dollars to build ...

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