Ahrs (Disabilities In Society) Perception Of Disabilities Interviews

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I interviewed four people, three without disabilities and the fourth diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Mobius Syndrome. I asked each of them what disability meant to them. Two of the participants described the word as when the body, either physically or mentally, is not working in the same way that most others do (operating in an abnormal way). This could be from birth or caused by some type of accident in life or simply old age. One of the participants stated that it was a condition that would have someone live outside the norms of society. This line of thinking places the definition of disability less on the physical or mental attributes or diagnosis and more on what the society considers abnormal versus normal. This easily explains... View More »

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She mentioned however that it does bring it to the forefront more when it is someone you know. The third participant told me that by knowing someone personally with a disability it has made him more sensitive to their needs and all the extra effort required to do simpler things.

I asked them how they felt the media portrays disabilities and if this portrayal was good or bad. The first three stated that they haven’t taken too much note to the media’s portrayal of the disabled but after thinking about it believe that it has been getting better over the years. One of them mentioned that the news tends to put all disabilities into the same bucket as far as news stories go and perhaps play to pity. However, two of them noted that more television shows are casting actors with disabilities. One television show brought up stars an individual with cerebral palsy and highlights the daily frustration of societies stigmas in a comedic way and manages to educate its audience while making them laugh (Speechless). The fourth participant took note of a different aspect of the media. She told me that there were good and bad parts of the disabled being portrayed in the media. She’s happy its being put out there and more people are being exposed and educated about disabilities but hates when the stories are about the therapy and sad things. She would much rather see them doing normal things to show others that they are more than therapy, they can do normal everyday things too.

My last question for them was why might others be afraid or uncomfortable interacting with the disabled ...

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