Angina And Health Care Assessment

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On admission to a healthcare facility, a health assessment is a mandatory tool in assessing the patient’s health status. In general an assessment is broken down into two types of reviews, by conducting a health history which includes the collection of subjective data (information elicited by the patient or patients’ family members) and a physical examination of the patient which includes the gathering of evidence based data (Wilson & Giddens, 2009). Collecting and documenting accurate information is imperative in providing the allied health team this information to facilitate an efficient and well-formed care plan in addition to establishing a baseline for subsequent assessments (Springhouse, 2004;... View More »

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By exploring the personal and psychosocial information we can then establish other aspects of the patients’ life which influence their mental and physical health (Harvey, 2004). These can include questions on religious beliefs, previous occupation, satisfaction with work life, financial support and income, hobbies and activities the patient participates in, family relationships (supportive family the patient can contact), nutrition intake (what the patient consumes on a daily basis, coffee, alcohol, vitamins), personal habits such as smoking, illegal drug use, alcohol and questions on the clients mental health such as a history of depression or stress in daily life (Farrell & Dempsey, 2010; Wilson & Giddens, 2009). In the case study we are told Dave Smith is retired as he is receiving a pension as a source if income, he a lives in subsidised housing with his wife and has 4 children and 10 grandchildren, he has smoked heavily for the past 30 yrs (1- 2 packs a day) and likes to drink 4 – 5 drinks daily, he does not exercise regularly, he enjoys going to the RSL 3 times a week and his favourite meal is hamburger and chips and does not like to visit his General Practitioner. After assembling all the information required we then ascertain the exact reasons the patient has felt the need to come to the Emergency Department. The chief complaint is the problem that has made the person seek medical attention (Weber & Kelley, 2007). Further investigation of the chief complaint is required to determine the severity and to analyse the clinical manifestations of the complaint. “ This ...

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