Are First Borns More Conscientious

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This study compares the means of birth order and how conscientious they are by using Hexaco reverse scoring questionnaire. In previous studies, there has been evidence that first borns have established what traits they would possess after the next child is born. In the current study, data was collected from a survey conducted by the experimenters. There was not a big significant difference between the groups.

In the study we are conducting, we are seeing how if birth order has an effect on personality. Firstborns in a family, there is evidence that they possess the trait of being more conscientious whereas last borns have lower levels of possessing the trait of conscientiousness, but may have high levels in other traits, for example,... View More »

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Each had the response options of “strongly agree”, “somewhat agree”, “neither agree nor disagree”, “somewhat disagree”, and “strongly disagree”.
There were three questions about their demographics and most importantly, their birth order. For birth order, the question of “What’s your birth order?” was asked with the options of “First born”, “Middle born”, and “Last born”.

The research design of this study was non-experimental and correlational as it studies the relationship between birth order and conscientiousness. A survey was created and shared to social media sites for one week. Participants gave informed consent and indicated they were at least 18 years of age. Hexaco items always were given before the birth order and demographic questions. Participants were thanked for their time.

According to the data collected, 49 participants identified themselves as first-born in their family. First-borns had a mean score of 36.41 with a standard deviation of 9.52. Second borns, 24 participants, had a mean score of 37.58 with a standard deviation of 8.46. The last borns, 31 participants, had a mean score of 40.61 and a standard deviation of 12.26. Conducting a one way ANOVA indicated that there was not a significant difference between the means of the each of the birth orders. The results do not support the hypothesis.

The purpose of this study was to see if there was a significant difference between birth order and conscientiousness. What was being tested was if firstborns in the family are more conscientious than later borns in the ...

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