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I struggle to get to my feet as I fall to the ground repeatedly. The man screams to me things that I do not understand, and it scares me. He gets closer and closer. All I can do is struggle and curse my non functioning leg. I buck my head and try again and again to talk to him although I know it will do no good. We do not have a communication channel. We cannot express feelings to one another or discuss humanity. As he gets closer I wish I could just give up now.
In a matter of seconds, the man is standing over me. He is giving me a strange look as I buck my head in resistance. He is not shooting me and I do not understand why. I want to be put out of my misery. He extends a hand and as I flinch in fear and expect pain. I realize that this human man is petting my head. He has a tear in his eye. He isn’t trying to murder me. I am confused. I study his face as he looks me over. His expression changes when he gets to my leg. I’m starting to understand that my enemy has had a change of heart.
After what seems like an eternity, a vehicle pulls up to the clearing of the woods. A woman steps out and runs over to where I am, helplessly lying with the man, he is still petting my head. I look up at her with terrified, wide eyes. She pulls a pointy thing out of a bag and inserts it into my flesh. Suddenly a relief floods over my body and I drift to sleep.
When I wake up I am lying in the clearing. The birds are singing my favorite song. The sun is beaming down on me, warming my body. I am confused until I feel the throbbing in my leg. I almost forgot about this nightmare. I look down and realize that my leg is covered in some kind of white bandage. The man apparently decided to spare me. Slowly, I stand up and head home. I guess sometimes all it takes is a look to bridge the gap between man and animal and acquire a bond with humanity. View More »

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