Dream Experimentation A Science Or A Illusion

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Dream Experimentation: A Science or a Illusion

Dreams cause my mind to catch onto a certain attentiveness; I find difficult to achieve while off enhancing my wisdom at college. It is this fact that causes me to want to know more about dreams and everything about them. What goes on in my mind when I'm sleeping? More so why do these things happen? The focus of this paper is to find those answers; and for me to generalize an opinion about what they mean to me.

Everyone remembers the dream or dreams they have while they are in deep R.E.M (Random Eye Movement) sleep however there are few that can actively and accurately recall their dreams from short term memory less than two hours subsequently. Why is this I ask my readers? What... View More »

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You'll rummage up something to wear, but only with a good amount of luck will it be a perfectly matching ensemble. This article showed me a lot about the processes of dreaming, but i want to know more of where it all comes from? Is the process of dreaming completely random or is it something that our mind in a conscious state could possibly alter?

I found my next article while checking out the discovery science Health Center website. This article is an excellent supplement article to the first by, Patricia Garfield, Ph.D. She is a world-renowned dream expert. She is a co-founder and former president of the Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD). Her book, Creative Dreaming, is considered a classic work on lucid dreaming and its updated edition remains in print. In her article Dr. Garfield answers frequently asked questions pertaining to dreams. Dr. Garfield takes on one of the most asked questions when it comes to dreaming; what happens when we dream? “When we dream, our central nervous system is going into an active state, which it is does periodically during our sleep. Nobody is quite sure why, by the way. Is it a testing of the system to see if everything is still working? We don't quite know. She describes dreaming as a three-story house. On the basement level you've got the physical changes going on in the body. Such as sexual arousal and muscle twitches, which leads me to believe that dreaming does not take place completely in the mind. On the main floor of the house, you've got these visual images, sounds, and sometimes smells and all the other physical ...

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