Effects Of A Shortened Ecg S T Segment And Its Eff

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Effects Of A Shortened ECG S-T Segment And Its Effect On Ventricular Repolarization


Electrocardiogram (ECG) waves represent the depolarization and repolarization of the atria and ventricles. The question posed in this paper is to determine whether any abnormalities exist with a shortened ECG S-T segment and what effect it may have with ventricular repolarization. ECG measurements of one healthy subject was taken at various phases of heart rate: resting, sitting up, deep breathing and post exercise and then compared to normal ranges. ECG components measured included P wave duration, P-R interval, QRS interval, Q-T interval, R-R intervals, T wave duration and End of T wave to beginning of next R... View More »

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Segment 3, the deep breathing phase, involved the subject taking five deeper-than-normal breaths for 20 seconds. A marker was placed at the beginning of an inhale and exhale during the recording of Segment 3. For Segment 4, the post exercise phase, the leads were removed and the subject was asked to run down and up three flights of stairs to rapidly elevate her heart rate. Immediately following the exercise, the leads were reconnected and her ECG was was recorded for 60 seconds. Following the four segments of ECG readings, the calculations were recorded.

Each ECG component was measured (sec) for three cycles for P wave duration, P-R interval, QRS interval, Q-T interval, R-R intervals, T wave duration and End of T wave to beginning of next R wave. Amplitude (mV) was also measured for P wave, QRS complex and T wave. Heart Rate (BPM) was taken and indicated below:
ECG Component | | | | | | | |Segment 1 - Supine |Cycle 1 |Cycle 2 |Cycle 3 |Mean |Std Deviation |ECG Averages1 | |P Wave (sec) |0.104 |0.093 |0.088 |0.0950 |0.008 |0.06-0.12 | |P Wave (mV) |0.122 |0.131 |0.136 |0.1297 |0.007 |0.2-0.3 | |P-R Interval (sec) |0.19 |0.203 |0.199 |0.1973 |0.007 |0.12-0.20 | |P-R Segment (sec) |0.082 |0.073 |0.076 |0.0770 |0.005 |.05-0.12 | |QRS (sec) |0.056 |0.054 |0.05 |0.0533 |0.003 |0.06-0.10 | |QRS (mV) |1.133 |1.137 |1.195 |1.1550 |0.035 |1.000 | |S-T Segment (sec) |0.024 |0.018 |0.022 |0.0213 |0.003 |.08-0.12 | |T Wave (sec) |0.276 |0.26 |0.27 |0.2687 |0.008 |0.160 | |T Wave (mV) |0.287 |0.309 |0.309 |0.3017 |0.013 |0.16-0.27 | | | | | | | | | |Segment 1 - ...

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