Going Beyond The Mask - A Look Into How Masks Have Evolved Through Time

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Ancient Greek masks were often used in theater. They had brass megaphones, where the mouth of mask was to amplify the actor’s voice. These masks expressed the emotion of the characters. In some cases, the masks have evolved into something more vivid. They reveal the truth behind a character. Thinking about the character “Two-Face” from the Batman series shows his good side and bad side through his new mask: his face. The good side is his normal half. The bad side is the side where acid eroded the skin, resulting in a scar. This is a representation of the evolution of masks in the 21st Century. Instead of having a physical mask, characters and their actions are expressed with distinct personalities. The masks used in Oedipus Rex reflect... View More »

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When Oedipus is born, he is given a prophecy. As mentioned before, this prophecy, which is determined by the oracle, is he would kill his father and sleep with his mother. His mother and father are determined to make sure that the prophecy is not fulfilled. In the film, Oedipus is seen wearing an all gold costume, including his mask, to show that he is a wealthy leader. The gold expresses success, achievement, and triumph. These are a few of the characteristics a ruler would have. Many rulers are seen with gold all around them to show that they are wealthy. Towards the end of the film, after the prophecy has been fulfilled, Oedipus is no longer the king of Thebes. Oedipus states, “Now I am godless and child of impurity, begetter in the same seed that created my wretched self” (Oedipus Rex). Oedipus’ costume is transformed. He is seen wearing a dark green with hints of gold in the costume. This shows that is past wealth is diminished. He wears a black veil that covers his eyes to depict his blindness.

Jocasta is Oedipus’ wife. She tries to possess the qualities of a good wife. She tries to be a comforting towards Oedipus as he tries to figure out his true self. In reality, she begs Oedipus to not investigate further into the knowledge he is gaining as she is suffering from all of this (lines 1060-1061). She’s keeping secrets from Oedipus about his prophecy, as well as hiding her true self from Oedipus (as the prophecy reveals that she is his mother). Under the pressure of the kingdom and Oedipus finding the truth, Jocasta commits suicide by hanging herself. In ...

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