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The Influence of Personality on HE Students’ Confidence

The Influence of Personality on HE Students’ Confidence in their Academic Abilities Briony D. Pulford University of Leicester, UK Harjit Sohal University of Wolverhampton, UK Abstract Students’ confidence in their academic abilities, measured with the Individual Learning Profile (ILP) scale, was examined in relation to their personality traits and grades. To validate the ILP, in Study 1, factor analysis of data from 3003 students extracted six factors (Reading and Writing, Hard IT, Numeracy, Time Management, Speaking, and Easy IT) with good internal reliability. Subsequently, in Study 2, 130 students completed the refined ILP, and scales measuring the Big... View More »

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The influence of personality traits on students’ perceived academic strengths and weaknesses (as measured by the ILP) will also be examined as perceptions of abilities can be biased. Ehrlinger and Dunning (2003) suggest that the general views held by people about their abilities, more than the task itself, influence how well people perceive they have performed. In their series of four studies, people with high opinions of their ability thought they

The Influence of Personality on HE Students’ Confidence


had done well on several tests, overestimating performance, whereas those with unfavourable selfviews thought they had done poorly. Thus we decided to investigate whether factors such as selfesteem and anxiety influence ILP scores or mediate the relationship between the Big Five and the ILP scores. Of the Big Five personality factors (Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism) Conscientiousness predicts actual academic achievement (Busato, Prins, Elshout, & Hamaker, 2000), but how confidence in abilities is influenced by these personality factors remains to be seen. Another factor that may influence how people perceive their abilities is their level of perfectionism. The most perfectionistic students may be the most critical of their abilities and under-report their strengths. Hewitt and Flett (1991) define perfectionism as the tendency to engage in ‘setting unrealistic standards and trying to attain these standards, selective attention to and overgeneralization of failure, stringent self-evaluations, and all or none ...

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