Medical Terminology

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Unit 4 Assignment

Medical Terminology

Section 1: Enter the prefix for the provided definition. You must also correctly place the hyphen in order to receive full credit. |
| Definition | Prefix |
1. | slow | brady- |
2. | on, upon, over | epi- |
3. | Painful, abnormal, difficult, labored | dys- |
4. | through, complete | dia- |
5. | beside, beyond, around, abnormal | para- |
6. | absence of, without | a-, an- |
7. | new | neo- |
8. | many, much | poly- |
9. | between | Inter- |
10. | after | post- |
11. | Normal, good | eu- |
12. | Fast, rapid | tachy- |
13. | Below, incomplete, deficient, under | hypo- |
14. | one | uni- |
15. | After, beyond, change | meta- |

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PRESENT ILLNESS: Darelen Denton is a 62-year-old woman who presented to the emergency department via ambulance. In transport, patient received O2 at 4 liters via nasal cannula, baseline EKG, Normal Saline IV started in left hand, 325 mg aspirin by mouth (po). Patient complained she was short of breath and experiencing severe pain between her shoulder blades. She stated that she has been feeling nasuseated for the past 3 hours. She states she has a history of stable angina and is currently taking medication as needed. She states she did not take the nitroglycerin because she was not experiencing chest pain, just back pain. She states that her last check-up with the Pulmonologist showed that her EKG did not show any changes since her last visit. She denies episodes of syncope. The patient does report that she tripped over something on the floor, which resulted in her falling and hitting her back on a large table. In addition, she states that her heart rate has been ranging from 130/ 90 to 140/92. Patient states her Primary care physician placed her on blood pressure medication 2 months ago due to the increase.
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