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Young adults turning 18 years old and graduating high school, making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Everyone wants to make the right decision but what is right for one person may not be right for another. A man or woman can choose the military path or the civilian path. We will discuss these choices in this paper starting with the military.

Following basic training, typically a service member would be stationed several hundreds even thousands of miles away from their hometown. At such a young age that can be rather hard considering most young people have never had to live on their own under the age of 18. And at 18, that can be very traumatizing.

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The military pay is based around salaried work therefore no overtime pay is awarded.

A very important aspect of any military life is salary. In addition to base pay, several other sometimes non-taxed pay and allowances are available to qualifying members. A few of those include: Housing allowances (non-taxed), hazardous duty pay, hostile fire pay, flight pay and family separation allowance (non-taxed). These pay and allowances range from $150 exceeding over $2000 per month.
A military member is only required to obligate 20 years of service until eligible for retirement. After those 20 years he or she will receive 50% of their base pay per month for retirement. Depending on rank and years of service, a service member can receive up to 75% of their base pay. An optional Thrift Savings Plan is available to all active duty personnel as a retirement supplemental. Typically a member will contribute a percentage of his/her base pay that is deposited into an account that is then used to invest in various stocks.

Upon graduation from high school the typical civilian attends a two year college or a four-year university to obtain a degree in his/her desired field of study. When attending college some students will leave their home and move to dorms on campus in a different city or state. This is difficult for some students because they have not been away from home for such a long period. Other students will not maintain a high enough grade point average to get scholarships into university and will have to pay for their own education. There are financial aid, grants and ...

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