Predation As A Fact

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McMahan begins his argument to do away with predation with the assertion that animals are in great agony when they are killed by predators. He doesn’t give any proof of this, but that might be because he is building off of Singer’s Animal Liberation. In Animal Liberation, Singer explains in detail how animals are capable of feeling pain and how similar their experience of pain is to the human experience. Then to connect Singer’s argument to McMahan’s point, one just has to have seen how prey is killed by predators. To witness a wolf ripping apart a rabbit while it is still breathing is to see pain being inflicted.
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An objection to my objection would be what if the roles of predation were reversed. What if thousands of humans were being devoured by animals? Should we intervene to save them even though the animals are not choosing to kill humans because of some rational about morality? We of course would want to say yes because the thought of letting all those people simply be food for animals is a terrifying one. So why would we help humans from being devoured but not animals? While it is true that the humans being devoured is simply a morally neutral fact like animals eating animals, it is perfectly acceptable to dislike that fact and fight against it. In this way we can save the people from the man-eating animals, but we would morally be required to. By this logic some may desire the end of predation for aesthetic or supererogatory reasons, but we have no moral compunction to desire the end of predation.

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