Recognizing The Signs Of Depression

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“Sadness is a normal, healthy emotion; depression is a disease. The challenge lies in understanding and recognizing the difference.” (Dr. David G. Fassler.)
Like most other disorders, depression has telltale symptoms. The signs are not all that easy to recognize. Why? This is because all of us go into a low mood now and then. What is the difference between the low mood and depression? Much has to do with the intensity and duration of the condition.
Intensity involves the degree to which negative feelings afflict the individual. Dr. Andrew Slaby describes the severity of the condition this way, “Imagine the worst physical pain you’ve ever has, a broken bone, a toothache, or labor pain, multiply it tenfold and... View More »

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Hall-Flavian of Mayo Clinic, Clinical Depression symptoms can include depressed mood most of the day, nearly every day; loss of interest or pleasure in most activities and significant weight loss or gain. Individuals are sleeping too much or not being able to sleep nearly every day; slowed thinking or movement that others can see and recurring thoughts of death or suicide.
Dysthymic Disorder is a constant depressed mood accompanied by decrease or increase in eating, difficulty sleeping or increase in sleeping. This includes low energy or fatigue, low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating or making decisions and feeling hopeless. According to Psych Central, “The person who suffers from this disorder must not have gone for more than 2 months without experiencing two or more of the above symptoms.”
Manic Depression now known as Bipolar Disorder is a kind of depression which includes periods of mania and depression. According to PubMed Health, “These individuals often have an inflated self-esteem or self-importance. They are also more talkative than usual or compelled to keep talking and excessive involvement in risky pleasurable behavior. “
Research has shown that a combination of therapy and medication are most effective. Individuals who do not prefer depression medicines as a treatment option, there are alternative treatments for depression exercise and acupuncture. Treating someone with anti-depressants alone may improve depressive symptoms, but will not help one deal with things that worsen or trigger depression. Therapy can make coping with depression easier. Not ...

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