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In today’s society, many people over the age of 20 begin to lose strength and flexibility in their core, hamstrings, glutes, and back. This can lead to many problems with the lower back especially. The back is an intricate structure consisting: 24 vertebrae, muscles, other tissues and the spinal column (Fields, 2016). It has 3 different curves that forms an “S” shape in the back. The lower back is the lumbosacral region of the back and contains the first Lumbar vertebra through the first sacral vertebrae, and is where the lordotic curve forms (Kravitz, n.d.). There are many different reasons one can experience low back pain but some of the main causes are the more mechanical issues like lack of flexibility, endurance and strength. Low... View More »

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d.). Unfortunately today, there are so many opportunities for us to shorten muscles in these areas. When muscle are shortened and tightened they have lost flexibility or “stretchiness.” Less flexible muscles can limit joint mobility, increasing the risk of back problems (Harvard, n.d.). Most people who have complained about low back pain typically have limitation in several movements of the pelvis and trunk (Kravitz, n.d.). This is due to lack of flexibility in the areas mentioned above, especially one in particular, the hip flexors. When your hip flexors are tight, there is an anterior pull on the pelvis, altering your posture and inhibiting your glutes causing a muscle imbalance (Beckham, 2016). This essentially limits your pelvic mobility and can cause a strain on the lumbar spine (Kravitz, n.d.), thus creating a pain in lower back region.
Hamstrings and hip extensor muscles are another source of limitations in mobility if flexibility is lacking in that area. When the hamstrings are tight, they pull the pelvis down and create more pressure for the lower back (Therien, 2017). This is a big source of back pain, and stretching them out can help to improve some of the pain. Having tight hamstrings also risks, affecting the lordotic curve as well, impairing spinal loading (Kravitz, n.d.). There are many stretches out there that can help to alleviate some of this pain by increasing the flexibility, just by doing them every day.
Flexibility doesn’t just relieve back pain! It can also increase the range of motion in your pelvis, reduce your risk for injury, improve your ...

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  • Audit Quality

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    Abstract The only observable outcome of the audit process is normally the issued audit report, which, at least in its standard form, does not contain much information about audit quality (Balsam et al. 2003). Auditor quality is multidimensional and inherently unobservable, and there is no single auditor characteristic that can be used as a proxy for it. In the absence of direct measures for quality, audit consumers must assess the quality by using quality surrogates, or the overall reputation of an auditor (e.g. Shapiro 1983, Riley 2001). The purpose of this dissertation is to enhance our und

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    Genres of Literature Genres of literature are important to learn about. The two main categories separating the different genres of literature are fiction and nonfiction. There are several genres of literature that fall under the nonfiction category. Nonfiction sits in direct opposition to fiction. Examples from both the fiction and nonfiction genres of literature are explained in detail below. This detailed genres of literature list is a great resource to share with any scholars. Types of Nonfiction: Narrative Nonfiction is information based on fact that is presented

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    Achieving Consumers

    12323 words, 50 pages

    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at Achieving consumer focus in supply chains Keivan Zokaei and Peter Hines Cardiff Business School, Lean Enterprise Research Centre, Cardiff, UK Abstract Purpose – Supply chain performance is two-dimensional: ef?ciency and effectiveness. The purpose of this paper is to further de?ne and explore the demarcation between supply chain effectiveness and supply chain ef?ciency. Design/methodology/approach – A case-study research method is adopted in this paper. Thi

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    Language Development Plan

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    The acquisition of literacy for preschool students is a major priority for the early childhood education teacher.  Literature is one of the main components of literacy acquisition.  It is because literature is a new concept to young children that a literature program or plan will need to be used when teaching young children.  An effective literature plan needs to include developmentally appropriate approaches to teaching and learning.  The layout of the literature plan should reflect a comprehensive understanding of the components necessary to create an effective literature program for prescho

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    The False Promise Of Organizational Culture Change

    14747 words, 59 pages

    Journal of Management Studies 40:5 July 2003 0022-2380 The False Promise of Organizational Culture Change: A Case Study of Middle Managers in Grocery Retailing* Emmanuel Ogbonna and Barry Wilkinson Cardiff University; University of Bath The strategic importance of managing organizational culture has been a central theme in organizational literature over the past two decades. But relatively little attention has been given to the impact of culture change initiatives on managers. This paper reports on the impact of a programme of culture change on managers at one o

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    Russian Formalism

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    1. What is the object of study: In Russian Formalism the object of study is literariness. The formalists focused almost exclusive on the form of literature and mainly on poetry. The Russian Formalists saw literature as an autonomous science that is different from any ordinary language. 2. What hypotheses does it propose? The hypotheses of Russian Formalism proposed that literature deviates from ordinary language by formal devices. Devices like rhythm, sound pattern, metaphors etc. made the language in literature strange and different to ordinary language and where used to give litera

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    Julius Caesar

    14154 words, 57 pages

    THE GLENCOE LITERATURE LIBRARY Study Guide for The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare To the Teachern The Glencoe Literature Library presents full-length novels and plays bound together with shorter selections of various genres that relate by theme or topic to the main reading. Each work in the Library has a two-part Study Guide that contains a variety of resources for both you and your students. Use the guide to plan your instruction of the work and enrich your classroom presentations. In For the Teacher you will find these time-saving instruc

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    8598 words, 35 pages

    Annales Universitatis Apulensis Series Oeconomica, 11(1), 2009 A BRIEF REVIEW OF CREATIVE ACCOUNTING LITERATURE AND ITS CONSEQUENCES IN PRACTICE Diana Balaciu1 Victoria Bogdan2 Alina Beattrice Vladu3 ABSTRACT: Our research has as main objective a short review of the aspects approached at the European level regarding the role that creative accounting plays in the life of an enterprise. In order to achieve our goal, we have analysed approximately 40 academic articles indexed in international database, such as Science Direct, Emerald and ProQuest. We have used a longit

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    Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress Essay

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    Luo and the narrator do receive a “re-education”. What do they learn that they never would have learned in the modern, urban, middle-class world they were forced to leave? What do they learn about themselves, and what do they learn from the rural villagers? The novel Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie, although a fictional story, does help the reader gain an insight as to how the situation was in China during the Cultural Revolution. One common event in the Cultural Revolution would take place to “re-educate” certain “intellectuals”. Those who were children of Enemies of

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    Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Stages of Corporate Citizenship Philip Mirvis Bradley Googins usiness leaders throughout the world are making corporate citizenship a key priority for their companies.1 Some are updating policies and revising programs; others are forming citizenship steering committees, measuring their environmental and social performance, and issuing public reports. Select ?rms are striving to align staff functions responsible for citizenship and move responsibility—and accountability—into lines of business. Vanguard companies are trying to create a broader market for citizenship

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