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Sex offender rehabilitation has been questioned for years but nobody can actually prove that it works. It is extremely hard to rehabilitate a sex offender because, in a nutshell one would have to brainwash them to think differently than they already think now. Treatment can be judged by a deceptively simple standard: Is the offender harming more children? The question may be simple, but the answer is elusive. Given the illegal, not to mention shameful nature of sex offenses, one cannot just ask offenders. How do you know if they recidivate, to return to a previous pattern of behavior, unless there is an arrest or conviction record? “Approximately six hundred thousand of theses inmates will return to communities across the country each... View More »

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However, internal controls established through treatment may not prevent sexual recidivism unless supplemented by adequate external support and monitoring. The most “progressive” approaches to sex offender treatment ensure complementarily and continuity between institutional and community-based programs. Different types of programs are often available and it is assumed that more serious offenders are referred to prison-based programs. During prison-based residential programs, high risk/needs offenders live in a self-contained unit that provides a therapeutic environment designed to encourage intensive work on changing cognitive and behavioral patterns. Lower risk/needs offenders may be placed in non-residential programs, during which they continue their daily institutional activities. The skills learned during institutional programs are acquired in environments that bear no resemblance to the social contexts facing offenders when they are released into the community. Therefore, post-release supervision and community-based maintenance programs are provided to reinforce treatment gains and establish support networks and supervision. Offenders who are referred to community-based treatment programs are assumed to have committed relatively non-serious principal offences, such as indecent assault. This may be an incorrect assumption in some cases, given the practice of downgrading charges due to plea-bargaining and the fact that many sex offenders are convicted of accessory sex offences, or have previous convictions for sexual and violent offences.

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