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Teenage Depression. Everywhere you look these two words appear together as one, in newspapers and magazines, as well as in scholarly reports. Teenage depression is one of today's "hot topics" this among other teenage mental health problems, has been brought to the forefront of public consciousness in recent years after several incidents involving school shootings (CQ 595). The environment that teens grow up in today is less supportive and more demanding than it was twenty years ago. Not only are the numbers of depressed teens rising, but children are also being diagnosed at younger and younger ages. Studies have found that, "There is an estimated 1.5-3 million American children and adolescents who suffer from... View More »

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Some mental health professionals say depression is increasing among children because modern life is more toxic and stressful than in decades before. In A Tribe Apart, author Patricia Hersch refers to a 1989 Girl Scouts survey of 5,000 kids, "It was found that by a huge margin the youth problems of the headlines-peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs-were not the "crisis issues" for kids. Their major concerns were "the social expectations of the adult world which all have to do with pressure: the pressure to obey parents and teachers (80%), to get good grades in school (78%), to prepare for the future (69%), and to earn money (62%)" (Hersch101). The survey overwhelmingly shows the biggest pressure for teens comes from the need to succeed in both academics and in life.

Judy Mann, author of the book The Difference: Growing up Female in America writes about how society teaches boys to repress their emotions while encouraging and allowing girls to express themselves. Mann writes, "While we encourage sensitivity and emotion in girls, we limit and confine it when it shows up in boys...While I felt free to encourage my infant daughter and indeed probably gave her a vocabulary to express her feelings with, we do not as a culture encourage similar behavior in little boys. When we discourage the little boy from weeping too much when he falls off a bike, or from weeping with separation anxiety when we take him for the first day of preschool, we are silencing his emotions, and depriving him of any way to express what he is feeling. He has no chance to practice the language of ...

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