The Whole System Approach

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HRM 568
March 3, 2015

Create an outline of the whole systems approach for a consulting problem within an organization that deals with employee safety, the introduction of new email procedures, or the opening of a new retail outlet.
The consultant has to deal with questions of whom to invite, the right focus for meeting, and how to manage the logistics and stage activities. Block (2011) stated “Whole system” means you want representatives from all parts of a system in the room, but literally everyone in the client organization. This is the whole-system approach, whereby the parties to the change work through the process on their own behalf.
Whole System:
* Decision-making process creates higher commitment to implement
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Trusting process is primarily about trusting that you have managed what you can manage; that you have been clear in your efforts and expectations; that you will monitor your efforts and those of the people you with: and then hold the results up to the standards and metrics that will inform you if things are on tracking and moving forward (

Consider how positive deviance can be used in this consulting problem

Block (2011) one of the powerful gift-based approaches that is gaining popularity is somewhat awkwardly named positive deviance. Positive deviance is an approach to behavioral and social change based on the observation that in any community, there are a person who’s uncommon but successful behaviors or strategies and having no extra resources or knowledge than their peers. These individuals are referred to positive deviants. Block (2011) stated that we contract from the beginning that we will engage people in the system to seek solutions and treat the engage people in the system to seek solutions and treat the engagement as important as the solution.
An invitation to change: invitation from a community that wishes to address an important problem they face. This is an important first step of community ownership of a process that they will lead.
Define the problem: this process occurs with the community at the center of defining the problem for themselves.
Determine the presence of Positive Deviance individuals or groups: through the use of data and observation, the community establishes that there are positive deviants in their ...

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