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Between 1830-1850 the sanitoriums were closed. The cure was discovel'ed!
The death rate wa.s the same for thoes who stayed at home.
New scientific findings gave hope to those with tuberculois. 1111865 Jean Antoine Villemin proved T.R was contageous. But, his findings were not taken seriously. In 1882 Robert Kook found the microorganism that caused the disease. It was called tubercle bacillus. Today it's called mycobacterium tuberculosis. In 1890 he developed the T.B. test for the diagnosis of the disease.

The cause of the di8e:u~e is not inherited. Heredity can influence if you g'et the disease by the way the body copes with being' exposed. Exposure time and the environment, such as crowded places like prisons, homeless shelters, cro);'ded apartments, and nursing homes, can influence getting the disease. Ones physical conditions can also effect your chances of getting' the disease. Alcoholics, drug abusers, diabetics, cancer, and aids patients increase the chance of getting' T.B. Drinking contaminated cows milk and eating contaminated meat can also cause the disease. Pasturized milk is heated to a certain temperature that kills the germs.
Tuberculosis is transmitted through sputim via air dropplets and dust.
There is no incubation period because bacilli remain dorment in your body until there is a weakening of resistence. T.B. can not be spread when inactive.
There are many symptoms for T.B. such as fever, fatigue, night sweats, loss of appetite, and weig'ht loss. The disease can also cause coug'hing, sneezing, chest pains, :lnd blood stained sputum.
Different tests are used for diag'nosis. The Tuberculin test scratches the skin with a protien substance derived fl'om tubercle bacilli. Chest xrays: are used to help in the diagnosis. Lab tests look for tubercle bacilli in sputum. ~ ManyT.B. cases: are related to aids.
Treatment is long and expensive. A combination of antibiotics called isoniazad and rifampin are given over six months. View More »

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